What is ceramic storage jars?

Ceramic storage jars and containers are made from ceramic,like stonnerware,porcelain.There are many types for storage jars with stylish. It can be use as a biscuit storage jars,for dry food,coffee or tea,etc.

Why you need a storage jars?

We all need somewhere to cover away the tea bags and instant coffee. Jars with lids are perfect for the work and make great pasta jars too. Ceramic storage jars make stylish storage options for rice and other dried goods. It can make your kitchen clean and neat.Everything will put on the right way they are. Storage really is one among life’s little saviours!

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Large storage jars for kitchen made from Homey Ceramic stoneware with high-quality finish, this airtight jar provides cool, dry and dark conditions.It is very best to preserve the flavors, aroma and colour of dry foods. Ideal for pasta, rice, coffee, tea, sugar, herbs, spices,etc

It is your best choice for home and kitchen.

The container with wooden lid is a wonderful way to add colorful to your kitchen and functionality to your cooking space.

The storage jars and containers are made with specialist clays fired at the highest temperatures.It is very durable finish,easy to clean and scratch-resistant.

How to choose a storage jar?

  • Size:if you need to use in kitchen,the small size is suitable for you.Homey Ceramic provide 3 different size for your choose.Small size,middle size and large size.You can choose the suitable one for you,or choose a set with 3 different sizes.
  • Sealing:generally speaking, the storage of spices and food materials are high sealing requirements, to avoid moisture caused by deterioration.But something with independent packaging like candy and biscuits,they don’t have special sealing requirements.

Why choose our storage jars?

  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe (excluded lid)
  • It is freezer, microwave and oven safe
  • Wood lid with airtight fit,it is a best choice for food storage
  • The material and it’s finish can resists chipping, cracking, staining, scratching and colour fading
  • Stoneware does not absorb odours and flavours,complete safe for food storage