The elephant plant pot, mini flower pot. Is very cute elephant plant pot for indoor or outdoor plants, including hydroponic herbs and succulents, and is a necessary tool in greenhouse..It is easy and convenient to take out plants. Elephant plant pot, giving you a luck and warm atmosphere when it is placed on your desk. This mini flower pot is very suitable for decorating your living room, bedroom, office, study, kitchen, and so on. This pot, also can be used as a decorative piece. In Homey Cermiac, you can also find other good deals on home and garden! With low prices, we don’t fault you for shopping pot online all the time.

We wanted to try a line of planters that additionally to be modern and funky , were also fun and happy. Life can get serious, so it is vital to possess touchstones in your house that cause you to smile whenever you check out them.

Elephant Pot for Succulent Flower PotElephant Pot

A sleek and unique Elephant planter in classic modern colours like White, Grey and Orange was one among our first Animal Planters we designed to bring joy to you and your plants.


If succulents weren’t cute enough on their own, it’s next level adorableness once you plant them into one among the Elephants. With a mini elephant plant pot you’ll have many room to make sure your favorite succulent happy and healthy in its new home. This pot has a drainage hole,it is a good pot for succulent.


Why choose our elephant plant pot?

  • It’s mini size perfect for mini succulents, cactus, fresh herbs
  • Modern shape,is very attractive,can decorate your home
  • The pot is very lovely and suitable for window sill, home office, dorm rooms, excellent gift idea
  • High quality ceramic material,produced with top-quality clay through heated up to 2300F.