The Benefits of Using Drink Coasters

Cold drinks like water, iced tea, soda, and beer can leave ugly stains on surfaces. These stains are hard to clean. An easy way to stop this is to use drink coasters.


Finding the best coasters can be tricky. Some work well but don’t look nice. Others look great but don’t work well. When picking coasters, think about how they work and how they look.

Material and Style

The material is the first thing you should think about while selecting coasters. Coasters can be made from wood, steel, cork, felt, and plastic. Some materials, like porcelain and sandstone, absorb water. This makes the coasters work better.


The material affects how the coaster looks and works. Some coasters are plain with no patterns. Others have many designs. They are often made from materials that can be easily replaced.


Coasters come in different shapes and sizes. Pick a set that fits your largest glasses, with an extra 0.5 inches on each side. Regardless of whether they are square, rounded, or in another geometric design. Most coasters are about 4 inches in diameter. If you use bigger glasses, look for larger coasters.

 Coasters for cars are different. They are usually 2.75 inches in diameter to fit most car cupholders.

Additional features

All coasters protect surfaces, but some have extra features. Some have non-slip bottoms made of cork or silicone. Others have small lips to hold moisture. If you want eco-friendly coasters, look for cork or bamboo coasters.

Our Top Picks

The best coasters are made of high-quality materials. They should absorb moisture well and look stylish. Our top pick is a set of porcelain coasters. They are functional, high-quality, and stylish.


These porcelain coasters match different furniture styles. They look expensive but are affordable. They add a modern touch to your home.


The unglazed ceramic material absorbs water. The porous material lets condensation evaporate, so they are easy to clean. They also have a cork lining to prevent scratches. However, like all ceramic items, they can break if dropped.

Product details
• Diameter: 4 inches
• Material: Ceramic
• Number in set: 6
• Non-slip bottoms prevent sliding and scratching
• Made from absorbent material
• Stylish and modern design that comes in a larger set than many coaster options
• Made from breakable material

Benefits of owning coasters

Coasters protect furniture from moisture stains. High-quality wooden furniture can be a good investment. Water spots and moisture stains can damage and lower its value. Coasters prevent these stains. They also stop glasses, cups, bottles, and cans from scratching or denting surfaces. Coasters are a cheap way to protect your furniture. They are easy to use and store. They also add to your home’s interior design.

  • Easy to use and easy to store.
  • Suitable for any occasion.
  • It can enhance the interior design.


Q. Which coasters absorb water?
Coasters made from porous stones such as sandstone or ceramic are the most absorbent option. Neoprene is also a material that is highly absorbent and dries quickly.

Q. Why do my coasters stick to my cup?
Liquid on the bottom of the cup creates surface tension, forming a vacuum that makes the cup stick to the coaster.

Q. How do you make coasters waterproof?
You can use varnish on certain coasters to make them waterproof. This also adds shine.