About Homey Ceramic

Located in Dehua,which is rich in kaolin and famous for ceramic products, especially crafts,dinnerware and kitchenware, including mugs,coffee and tea set,candle holders, jewelry boxes, flower pots, jars, vases, animals, birds, pets and many other items.

Homey is a leading manufacturer and trading company in China,which specialized in ceramics products.

We provide wholesale and retail for ceramic dinnerware,also including ceramic home and garden products,pet bowls.

Homey was dedicated to providing customers with high quality,unique and innovative products.We believe ceramic will beautify people’s life from busy work.

Homey has above 10 product lines to manufacture different products to satisfy client’s variety of needs.

24 hours online service,please fell free to contact us in any time.

About Dehua

Born in The World Ceramics City·DEHUA,Miss Joy has loved ceramic products from a very young age, she believes ceramic can beautify people’s life from busy work.

When you back home from a busy day, holding a cup of hot drink in hand , you will feel body relaxed;then go to balcony, you see the plants in the flower pots began to put forth their blossoms, a smile appeared on your face;then walk to the kitchen, your family is preparing dinner with artistic dishes, you feel very happy.

Inspired by the pursuit of life, Miss Joy and her best friend Miss Carrie started this passion project in 2019, we hope everyone can love themselves and love life.

At Homey Ceramic, we create beautifully handmade home and lifestyle products. We work with artisans in the local manufactory, combining timeless design with natural materials.

Every product has a story,whether it’s the makers’ distinctive style, the character of the piece, the inspiration behind its origins.

From Homey Ceramic, artistry and practicality can go hand-in-hand.

How to Make Ceramic Mug