Recently, the night view light show in the Ceramics Museum area of Dehua County has been opened to the public.

The night view is based on the theme of “World Porcelain Capital·Light and Shadow Ceramic Showground”. The ceramic museum, He Chaozong Square and the mountains below the Jiamei Pavilion are combined with the characteristics of ecological landscape to create a scene. The night light show   “World Porcelain Capital” shows Dehua’s ceramic culture, landscape, local customs, and further enriches Dehua’s night play mode, which will promote Dehua’s night tour economy.

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  • Ceramic Light Show

When night come and the lanterns turning on, Dehua County Ceramic Museum opened its brightest moment of the day. The light changed  from time to time. We can see the sound of drums, the melodious sound of the piano, the sea of dreams, the mysterious fairyland, and the tree of souls. It has become a most popular point in Dehua.