There are many colors, materials, shapes, and textures of containers. Picking the right vase or flower pot helps you organize your home flowers in a stylish way that suits you.You can see this guide from a ceramic vase manufacturer.

Different Flowers, Different Needs


Flowers have unique characteristics. Garden flowers change over time. Some, like tulips, can grow quickly in a container. It’s good to have different vases ready.


Building Your Collection


Having various vases means you can decorate all year. This also works for dried flowers. For big flowers like dahlias and hydrangeas, use a heavy vase. Place larger flowers at the vase’s edge for balance.


Matching Weights


Match the vase’s weight with the flowers. Heavy containers go well with large, delicate flowers like lilacs and poppies, not small, delicate ones.


Bottle Neck Width


Focus on the neck width of the vase. A narrow neck and wide base make it easier to arrange flowers. The narrow neck keeps stems together, while the wide base gives room for large bouquets. Tall, narrow vases are good for flowers like gladioli and delphiniums.


Color Choices


Pick ceramic Vvase colors based on your taste. A monochromatic theme, like pink and cream, works well. Mixing colors can be striking, like orange zinnias in a blue bowl. Textures are important too. Check out vases from Homey Ceramic for inspiration.


Using Different Vases


Old vases with heirloom flowers create a vintage look. Stone vases with orchid stems offer an interesting texture. Almost anything that holds water can be a vase, including pitcher, bowls, and teapots.

Get inspired by checking out this collection of vases fromRemove term: ceramic vase manufacturer —  Homey Ceramic.


Table Decoration


For dinner tables, use small vases with fresh cut flowers and candles. Start your collection with vases from Homey Ceramic.

Whatever container you choose is very important because it can determine the composition of the whole image. My favorite approach to the dinner table is to place the design around the table with a variety of small vases filled with fresh cut flowers and scattered candles.
You could start off your bud vase collection from Homey Ceramic.


Vase Types


  • – Material: Ceramic, glass, plastic, metal, wood, resin, bamboo.
  • – Size: Bud vases, floor-standing vases, extra-large vases.
  • – Purpose: Ornamental, collection, practical.
  • – Mouth Size: Narrow mouth, wide mouth, straight.
  • – Shape: Cylindrical, square, special shapes.


Ceramic vases are visually more upscale than glass vases. After all, China is a big country of ceramics and has many unique styles and designs. If the overall style and color of the home can be coordinated with the ceramic vase, choosing a ceramic vase will be more visually stunning.


Choosing Materials


Ceramic vases is a best choice for you. They can match your home style and colors for a stunning look. Avoid plastic containers as they breed bacteria. Iron and pottery are good but not as versatile as glass.


Choosing Vases


  1. Flower Length: Flowers should be 1.5-2 times the vase’s height. For 30cm flowers, use a 20cm vase.
  2. Flower Type: Large flowers need wide or short vases. Long branches fit narrow or large vases.
  3. Flower Quantity: Many flowers need wide-mouth or large vases. Few flowers fit narrow-mouth bottles.
  4. Interior Style: Vases should match the room’s design and enhance its beauty.
how to choose vase 1

how to choose vase 1

how to choose vase 2

how to choose vase 2


Tips for Placement


  1. Use few vases on the dining table, the height of the flowers should not be too high for better dining experience.
  2. Avoid strong-smelling flowers indoors, like perfume lilies, as they can be harmful over time.
  3. If you have pets, use non-breakable vases.


Cleaning Vases


  1. Clean vases regularly to avoid dust.
  2. For narrow vases, use disinfectant water, a cloth on a stick will help you clean vase inner.
  3. Change vase water often to prevent bacteria and keep the water clear.


By following these tips, you can choose the right vase to create beautiful flower arrangements in your home.