Caring for ceramics may seem hard at first. But, with these steps, you can clean your ceramic vases easily. First, check your porcelain or ceramic vases carefully. Look for cracks, chips, peeling decorations, or past repairs. If your item is damaged, ask a professional before cleaning it.

Cracks and chips can soak up water and dirt during cleaning. So, follow these tips to be safe. Peeling decorations are very fragile. Do not clean these without expert advice. Note any past repairs too. Older repair materials can dissolve in water and get weaker.

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Dusting is a safe way to clean large ceramics. If you need to move the item, use both hands to support it from below. Do not lift it by weak parts like handles or edges.

With these methods, you won’t damage the beautiful glaze on your old vase.

  • Step 1: Dust the item with a soft duster.
    Step 2: Remove the adhesive Use adhesive remover to remove any remaining adhesive or tape from the part.
    Step 3: Line the trash can with a towel. Line each trash can with a towel. Tip: Covering the sides and bottom of the container will prevent your valuable antiques from being damaged during cleaning.
    Step 4: Fill a container or sink with water Fill her plastic container with warm water.
    Step 5: Add Soap Add a quarter of a cup of mild dish soap to one of the containers.
    Step 6: Hand Wash Hand wash your ceramic or porcelain in soapy water, paying attention to any raised areas. Tip If any part of your porcelain or ceramic appears damaged, don’t clean it until you have it professionally repaired.
    Step 7: Rinse the pieces in the container with clean water.
    Step 8: Pat dry. Pat dry with paper towel. Make sure it’s completely dry by placing it on a paper towel before putting it away.

Did you know? In the Ming Dynasty, Chinese potters used cobalt to create blue designs under the glaze. This technique spread worldwide.


Another easy cleaning method: Make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply it with a cotton swab to any stains. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Avoid scrubbing painted areas. Use a non-abrasive sponge for other parts, and a cotton swab for small areas. Carefully polish if needed. Wipe away the paste with a damp microfiber cloth. Soak the entire piece in warm water to remove all residue. Let it air dry completely.


Important: Do not soak the vase in soapy water. Porcelain and stoneware are porous, and water can seep under the glaze. The safest way to remove stains is with hot water and dish soap. Gently scrub with a nylon mesh pad, not an abrasive sponge. A soapy vase is slippery, so hold it firmly. Let it dry naturally. You can use a hair dryer on medium-high to dry the inside.

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