In China, there are various kinds of tea sets with different styles, practical value and cultural beauty. Chinese tea set normally consists of tea spoon, tea clip, fair cup, tea, tea tray, teapot, kettle, cup bracket, tea cup and fragrance- smelling cup. The production materials of these tea set can be porcelain, glass, purple sand …

Different teas should be fitted with different tea sets, which is part of Chinese tea ceremony.

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What tea set including?

Tea wares consist mainly of teapots, cups, tea bowls and trays etc.

In China, there are various kinds of tea sets with different styles, practical value and artistic beauty. Chinese tea set usually consists of tea spoon, tea clip, fair cup, tea, tea tray, teapot, kettle, cup bracket, tea cup and fragrance-smelling cup. The production materials of these tea set can be porcelain, glass, purple sand…

Different teas should be fitted with different tea sets, which is part of Chinese tea ceremony. For instance, green tea like Biluochun is usually brew with transparent glass cup to fully release its flavor and to provide opportunity for appreciating the changing of tea in its making process; and black tea is usually drunk with white porcelain cup for it can reflect the beautiful color of the tea soup.


Tea Pot

Tea pot can be pottery, porcelain, purple sand, glass, stone, while the most popular is purple sand teapot, due to its fine breathability, slow thermal conductivity and good insulation. The shape of teapot varies. Round teapot with large body guarantees tea leaves stretch fully to release the flavor.

Tea Cup

tea cups

This is the most important part of a Chinese tea set. Used to taste and appreciate tea, the frequently seen tea cups are made of white porcelain, purple sand or glass. A tea set usually has 6 or 8 tea cups. Some tea cups also have holders and covers.

Fair Cup (Cha Hai)

Fair Cup (Cha Hai)

The degree of contact between the water and tealeaves affects the flavor and color of the tea, so if you pour the tea directly from the teapot into tea cups, the taste in different cups will be different. A fair cup is to solve this problem. The tea water is firstly poured into the fair cup and shaked well to average the consistency of tea soup before pouring to different cups. Fair cup is usually with a large opening and bigger capacity than teapot. Fair cup is more frequently seen in a tradition Chinese tea set.

Fragrance-smelling Cup

Different from teacups, fragrance-smelling cup is more slender with narrower mouth. It is an indispensable part of a Chinese tea ceremony set.


This part of Chinese tea set is used to boil water needed for brewing tea. Kettle is of a variety of materials – iron, pottery, stainless steel, electric kettle or fast cooking pot.

Tea Tray

Tea Tray is used to place teacups, and it must be flat on the bottom. Materials are mostly bamboo, wood and plastics.

Tea Spoon

It is used to dig the tea soaked in teapot, which is usually stuffed with tea after brewing. To make it decent and sanitary, tea spoon is designed into certain spoon-like shape. Tea spoon should be slightly shorter than tea tray.

Tea Clip or Tea Chopsticks

Before using, the tea cup is usually placed in hot water to be cleaned and sterilized. Tea clips are used to take the cup out of the hot water.


It is used to place teaspoons and tea clips, and the making materials can be ceramic, bamboo, stone or plastic.

After you choose a tea set, you can enjoy tea. But is tea good for your healthy?

Answer is Yes. Here are some benefits f drinking Chinese tea, let see!


11 benefits of drinking Chinese tea


  1. Chinese tea can reduce imminence of diabetes

One of the multitudinous benefits of drinking tea regularly is it helps increase insulin productivity in your body, helping you reduce the threat of diabetes. Multitudinous people are not sentient of the fact that tea contains polyphenols. These micronutrients are filled with antioxidants, and other plots that help preclude diabetes and cardiovascular infirmity. It’s known that drinking 5-6 mugs of oolong tea a day can reduce your threat of diabetes by over 30 per cent.


  1. Chinese tea can prop you in losing weight

Chinese tea also helps when it comes to losing weight. The most popular tea for weight loss is green tea. Green tea helps by speeding up your metabolism meaning your body will turn fat into energy at a faster rate. It has natural caffeine in it, caffeine is known to naturally burn fat and help increase exercise performance. And it is also full of multiplex antioxidants like EGCG which are known to help make breaking down fat a fleetly process.


  1. Chinese tea can meliorate muscle durability

Known to be full of catechins, Chinese tea helps speed up the process of burning fat. It helps you gain muscle and increase your muscle duration in the process. Increased muscular duration has multiplex benefits that include reducing the pitfall of injury, increase in confidence, and increase in physical competencies.


  1. Chinese tea is known to perfect memory

Multitudinous of the benefits of green tea are for your physical health. But green tea can also help perfect your internal competencies. This is because tea contains enzymes that help increase your brain function, and loss cognitive impairment in middle aged grown-ups.


A study conducted in Singapore concluded that drinking tea regularly can reduce cognitive impairment in senescent grown-ups by as significant as 50-86 per cent. This means that Chinese tea might help you find a way to combat cognitive ills in the future like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s illness.


  1. Chinese tea hasanti-inflammatory plots

Inflammation is caused when your body is trying to fight foreign objects that are trying to hurt it. This might mean your bulletproof system will be fighting toxics, injuries, or yea infections. Sometimes your body might confuse its own cells as a pitfall which can lead to an autoimmune fever. You can see signs of inflammation if your skin is red, tumescent, you’re in pain, or the affected area seems warm due to increase blood stampede. Green and black tea are known to be full of antioxidants. The most potent antioxidant launch in these teas is EGCG. This potent antioxidant can reduce inflammation in bulletproof and vascular cells.


  1. Fight free revolutionaries

Free revolutionaries can invoke a lot of damage to your body if not taken care of duly. Free revolutionaries are described as particles that move throughout your body with unmatched electrons. Since these particles are missing an electron dyad, they look for other particles to rob an electron from.


This process can engender severe damage to your cells and body. Chinese tea helps your body because in order for your body to be fit to work duly your free revolutionaries and antioxidants need to be fully balanced. Having too multiple free revolutionaries can engender Oxidative stress. Your body does help a little from some oxidative stress notwithstanding, having too material oxidative stress in your body has been linked to conditions like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s distemper, and Parkinson’s distemperatures.


  1. Improves teeth and superglue health

Drinking tea regularly is also known to help your dental health. Drinking tea on a diurnal ground can help give your body fresh protection from hollows, superglue distemperature, and bacteria that causes bad breath.

Green tea has multiple benefits and one of the least some benefits is the fact that it aids in controlling bacteria in your mouth. This in turn helps you reduce your bad breath and help fight against hollows. Another way that drinking green tea helps reduce the peril of hollows is by controlling the acidity of your slobber. Chinese tea is also known to help superglue health and has been proven to be better at controlling bad breath than masticating superglue, mints, and other natural results for bad breath.


  1. Taste minus the high caffeine rankings

In western culture, we’ve come to count on our diurnal mug of tea or coffee to furnish that important demanded jolt of caffeine. Unfortunately, insane caffeine consumption can have negative health impacts. Caffeine may be known for compounding alertness but that is n’t the only way it affects our bodies.

Chinese tea, particularly green likes, offer all the taste without the lavish quanta of caffeine. Green and white tea (like jasmine tea) contain enormously lower caffeine than black tea.


  1. Healthy body and mind

Tea drinking to lose weight may not be a popular choice but there are certain genres of Chinese tea that are well regarded for metabolising fat and helping to shift those hard to lose pounds. Longjing tea is well known for this particular benefit. Multifold people choose to drink this tea variety alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise to successfully manage weight. As well as a better body image, drinking Chinese tea has been proven to lower cholesterol and boost exemption for bettered health all round.


  1. Look after those pearly whites

Black tea and coffee are known for their staining effect on teeth, but Chinese tea provides the antithetical result. All Chinese tea genres offer a natural source of fluoride, an essential mineral that prevents decay and strengthens teeth. It ’s not just your teeth that will avail from you drinking Chinese tea. Green tea contains antioxidants that keep the skin healthy, vibrant, and immature.


  1. An essential source of hydration

Whether you’re travelling to China during the summer or time-out months, staying dry throughout your trip is important. Whilst black tea has a dehydrating effect on the body, Chinese tea keeps you dry for longer, just as tectonic as if you were drinking the same volume of water.

Chinese tea is known to have multitudinous health options. Drinking green tea has been an ancient tradition kept by multitudinous civilisations especially the Chinese culture. The Chinese have known and talked about the benefits of drinking tea regularly.


Notwithstanding, it was not until new that studies have proven multiplex of these benefits to be true. Drinking tea is a regular part of Chinese culture and multiplex people drink tea instead of other drinks with their refections. Doing this diurnal helps help multiplex peoples’ interior and physical health.