Ceramic is great as it’s completely inert—meaning it won’t leach any harmful toxins. Ceramic pans are generally free of heavy metals, polymers, coatings, and dyes, plus, they’re dishwasher safe! Easier to wash than cast iron, you can just use warm soapy water.


Earthenware, the type of colors with the littlest blasting temperature, is like passable and soft. It’s the most ordinarily introduce genius in nature, and is the raw material used to make conduits, bricks, and paramount earthenware products introduce across the globe. Earthenware genius contains an odd of iron and mineral contaminations high enough for it to grow at firing temperatures from ” holocaust ” heat at around 1300 degrees F, up to about 2120 degrees F. In its raw state, the presence of iron oxide makes this genius appear brown, red, silver, or greenish. When fired, it’s anything from red or tan to brown or black.

Earthenware has a low shrink factor and is permeable, close, and stains freely. Because of its porosity, Earthenware is a good genius for making farmers and oven steamers, yet would not work well for flagons or vases.

Earthenware Bowls

Keeping food in earthenware stadiums is a healthy choice. The earthenware stadiums are made from terracotta or self and are jam- packed with nutrients. These stadiums are heat resistant. While serving the food item, you wo n’t feel tool to be hot. Further, earthen pots are organic and don’t release any noxious venoms when exposed to high temperature. They’re food- friendly and cooker friendly. There’s no hurt to eat from these directly.

At the time of planning family get together, try to set curd in an earthenware coliseum. The natural curd setter takes out the sourness of it. Multicolored fermented food particulars can be cooked in earthenware implements. Also, it adds an earthy flavour to the dish. The coliseums can be used regularly.

They’re durable and come in multicolored designs and sizes. Do n’t halt to give an earthy touch to your kitchen with the earthen coliseums that can be bought online from Ellementry. Using thesebio-degradable and natural coliseums would be your first step towards aneco-friendly culture. Setting up these on your dining table would give a natural touch to it.


Ceramic Bowls

Across the globe, multiple people love to use ceramic colosseums. At Ellementry, we specialize in making beautiful ceramic products which are available in polychromatic colours, themes, textures and designs. At your family together, serving dishes in ceramic stadiums would make the plate look more magnetic. For any dining table, these stadiums add finesse to them.


You can serve food, fruit or reek in them. Your guest is going to love eating from these. Specially handcrafted ceramic stadiums from Ellementry can add a charm of their own to our dining tables. They also stick to transnational food safety principles.