Espresso roast for espresso machines, filter roast for manual brewing.

As the names would suggest, coffees proudly displaying these labels have been roasted with specific brewing accoutrements in mind. An espresso barbecue coffee has been developed in the broiler further accelerating caramelisation and body, which suits being prepared on an espresso machine to corkscrew ambrosial catholicon. A purifier roasted coffee has been less developed in order to retain added of the bubbly acidity that a filtered mug of alcohol adjurations. So if your coffee is being prepared manually via a pour over or an absorption alcohol like a Clever Coffee Dripper or Aeropress, either you should be seeking bags with a purifier roasted marker on them.


Espresso roast:

Roasted slightly hotter and for a longer period of time

Easier to dissolve the right measure of coffee into the water because it ’s roasted to be more answerable.

The increased solubility helps the blood to push former sourness (under under- blood) into duly pried coffee which tastes much sweeter and balanced

Can be brewed as a espresso or cleanliness coffee. The espresso galas are great for people looking for additional body and inferior acidity in their regular coffee.


Filter roast:

Roast to a lower final temperature and for a shorter period of time

Presents a clearer picture of a coffee ’s taste as there’s far subordinate “ spread ” flavour snooping

Creates a sweeter mug of coffee (the the coffee is less caramelized and white sugar is sweeter than caramel)

Can be brewed in a drip machine, french press,etc., but isn’t recommended for use in an espresso machine ( muck feed pulled on an espresso machine can sway in a really sour mug).

filter roast vs espresso

Omni roast

There’s a third roast type too: omni. This is simply a coffee that has been roasted to work as either an espresso or filter brew.

The two methods will produce different flavours in the cup, and it will still taste great using either method.

Many of our roasters produce an omni roast and if this is in your box, it’ll be good with either brew method.


Generally, Espresso parties are roasted a little longer and a little hotter to increase the body and dent the acidity. The same coffee can taste really different with small changes in roasting.


So, what to choose?

If you’re brewing using an espresso machine, select an espresso roast.

If you use a filter method, you can be flexible. A filter roast will reveal subtler, sweeter flavors.

However, espresso roasts can be brewed as an espresso or filter so, if you like more body and a darker flavor – either filter or espresso roast would work.

Don’t forget – taste is subjective and personal, so experiment and see what you like.