If you would like to use some unusual planter types in your décor scheme, succulents are an excellent choice for filling them. Most have shallow roots, in order that they can exist in little to no soil. you’ll use most anything that features a drainage hole and can hold soil as a container for succulents. But there’s no need in feeling limited to only succulent plants. Given suitable conditions and proper drainage, nearly anything are often grown in unusual hanging planters.

Quicky hanging indoor planters

Some people exclude the drainage hole for hanging planters. This is often sometimes an option, but in most cases, you’re risking the health and possibly the lifetime of your plant when employing a container without drainage. With succulent plants especially, water that keeps soil wet round the rootage quickly results in plant disease.

If you select a planter that won’t easily hold soil, use small pots inside it to form a cool combination planter. Elevate the within pots, if necessary, therefore the plants are visible, but not the containers. I used a slatted box type planter during this manner, and it worked because it was alleged to.

If you’re using cool indoor hanging planters, the more the merrier. Locate them where light is out there to your plants when possible. If you’re short on lighting during a room and only have northern exposure, as an example, choose plants that don’t need much light.

There are several sorts of sansevieria, the mother-in-law’s tongue, that don’t need full sun inside or out. they’re going to happily exist for a short time during a low light situation, or maybe during a windowless room. If you employ a mother-in-law’s tongue type like this, bring it out into a bright light situation occasionally for several hours or maybe a few days.

Here are some hanging pot from Homey Ceramic

hanging plant pot hanging pot flower hanging pot pink

Where should you hang a hanging plant?

Hanging plants never go out of style and pretend hanging plants don’t require any upkeep in order that they are getting to be a part of your space for a really while. So, it’s essential to think through where you are going to hold your plant. Hanging plants are great for any room from a front room to a toilet to a dormitory. Search for spots in your home that look a touch bit plain. an inside hanging plant goes to enliven your choice of room. Pay close attention to corners of your rooms—hanging plants look great in corners. Another thing to notice is where you’ll hang your plant near a window because having the plant hang near a window will make it look even more sort of a real plant.


  • Bathroom – Hanging plants enliven your bathroom like no other decoration. Feel the relief and serenity that only nature can bring back your personal space. Hung above a mirror or bathtub, this unique decoration takes up virtually no space and is bound to make an enormous difference in your restroom atmosphere.


  • Living room – The front room may be a place to relax and luxuriate in, and hanging plants are one among the foremost powerful ways to assist us do exactly that. As a continuing reminder of the peacefulness of nature, hanging plants improve our ability to unwind and reduce stress.


  • Kitchen – Completely transform the sensation of your kitchen by adding colorful foliage to your atmosphere. Imagine how a gorgeous flower or lush green leaf can increase the enjoyment of preparing food. Watch the sun cascade over your new hanging plant because it sits ahead of a window, or hang it above the island as a mainstay for a joyful kitchen.


  • Dining Room – Hanging plants are a centerpiece that add color and life to your dining room while leaving many spaces. Since they don’t need to be set directly on the table, they’re an excellent option for smaller areas or once you just need a clear space.


  • Balcony-Whether you’re planting for color or scent, or getting started growing fruits and vegetables, balcony planters offer a space-saving and affordable. Thanks to garden in places where it might be otherwise impossible.The best balcony planters are relatively cheap and well adapted to suit on a variety of railings and shelves, many also can fit an outsized number of plants during a small space to assist you create the foremost of the space provided.