Vegetable oil, olive oil, grease, and food oils can burn and stick onto a ceramic pan if the pan is left over heat too long. This burned oil can transfer onto food items cooked inside the pan, ruining your meal. Conventional dish soaps that are unable to chop through grease will fail to eliminate such stains. However, buying a replacement pan isn’t necessary, because a homemade cleaner can remove stains, tastes, and odors that come from burned oil.ceramic pan

Here I will give you 7 steps to clean burned oil off ceramic pans.

Step 1: Rinse out anything inside the pan to remove food items not stuck to the pan’s surface.

Step 2: Pour 1 cup of white vinegar and 4 cups of tap water into the pan. Use less water if 4 Step cups cause an overflow.

Step 3: Place the pan onto the stove. Turn the stove on “Low.” Heat the solution until it begins to boil.

Step 4: Boil the solution for 3 to 5 minutes, then turn off the stove. Wait until the solution cools.

Step 5: Carry the pan carefully to the sink.

Step 6: Scrape the inside of the pan with a scraper. Scrub the pan with a scrubber or sponge.

Step 7:Pour the solution out of the ceramic pan. Inspect the pan, and repeat the process until all burned oil is removed.


Seven Tips To Dealt With Over Cooking Ceramic Pan

Ceramic pan is made from ceramic, in our daily use, we can’t avoid over cooking. But what can we do if ceramic pan is over cooking? Let me show you my tips.

ceramic pan 1

Tips 1: Use incense ashes. Put water on the bottom of ceramic pan,and then add incense ashes, remove dirty with steel wool. You will find this way is very useful.

Tips 2: Crataegus pinnatifida is a good way to remove dirty from ceramic pan. Put water on the pan, and the add crataegus pinnatifida. You will find the dirty is disappear.

Tips 3: Choose some tomatoes, and boiled them with water. Tomato is very common in our daily life, so this is easiest way for most of us.

Tips 4: Put beer, liquor, water on the pan, their ratio is 1:1:0.5. 5 minutes later, you can wash ceramic pan.

Tips 5: Cook the apple peel or pear peel with water, wash pan with this water

Tips 6: Orange, cut a few slices, cook with water, on the other day, you will find it is easy to clean the pan.

Tips 7: Add 10ml baking soda, then add water. Boiled water, after that, waiting for 30minutes. You can remove dirty easily.