Maintain Ceramic Vase

  1. You should wash ceramic vase regularly. Please do not use steel wool, it will hurt vase.
  2. SMALL VASEChange water regularly.
  3. Vase is fragile, you should avoid hard collision, collapse.
  4. Keep away from high temperature.



There is a spread of the way to wash a flower vase counting on the kinds of materials that you simply have. You’ll clean out your vases using many various household items! find out how to wash vases using the foremost common methods.

How to Clean Vases

  1. bicarbonate of soda and Vinegar

If you would like to understand the way to clean vases using what’s already in your home, this is often the simplest bet. Simply fill your vase filled with water. Then, add 2 tablespoons bicarbonate of soda and a couple of tablespoons white vinegar. Once the mixture begins to fizz, let it sit for 2 to four hours to loosen the stains. Afterwards, take a bottle brush or a soft cloth and clean out the mineral deposits. Finally, rinse the vase using warm water. Then, you’ll either let it air dry or dry it by patting it down with a clean cloth.


  1. Denture Tablets

A more unconventional method of cleaning vases is by using denture tablets like Polident, because it can remove the stains that build up from water. To begin, fill the vase using water then drop by one or two denture tablets. Larger vases will enjoy a minimum of two. The mixture will begin to fizz up. At now, you’ll set the vase aside and permit it to take a seat there and poo throughout the night. within the morning, give the vase an honest shake then pours the mixture into the sink drain. Finally, wash and rinse the vase well. Then, pat it down with a soft cloth to dry it, or let it air dry.


  1. Aspirin Tablets

Vases that are smaller and harder to wash (like glass bottles) could also be best cleaned using Aspirin or Alka-Seltzer tablets because of its fizz. First, fill the vase with predicament . Then, enter one or two Aspirin or Alka-Seltzer tablets and allow them to work their fizzy magic. Once it’s begun to fizz up, you’ll walk off and leave the vase out for up to four hours. Rinse the vase out using warm water. Allow the vase to air dry, or pat it down gently.


  1. dishwasher detergent and Rice

Rice may be a strong and yet gentle enough material that lightly scrubs out the mineral deposits from a vase. Start by filling the vase with warm water during which you’ve got added dishwasher detergent to make soapy water. Then, pour during a half cup of uncooked rice and two tablespoons of vinegar. Cover the highest of the vase and shake it up for 2 or three minutes therefore the rice can chip away at the mineral deposits. Leave it overnight then empty out the vase, wash it then rinse well.