eaDo You Know How to Make a Ceramic Mug.Find Out How Homey Ceramic Make Beautiful Handcrafted Ceramic Mugs!

Our ceramic mugs start within the mind of their beholders. Using clay, the cup takes shape on the potter’s wheel. Variety of pots are going to be hand thrown, dried and fired so as to settle on the foremost pleasing design.


The tool and die process starts with a finished cup,which we selected. Since clay shrinks when it’s dried and fired, so we need to choose a bigger cup  to catch up on this shrinkage. Aftere calculate,we will make a model,can cast in plaster.


Individual molds are cast in plaster. Each mold need to be dried carefully then placed on the casting bench.


Liquid clay called slip,we will poured slip into each mold. Because the plaster mold absorbs water, the wall of the cup is made. When the wall thickness is correct,we will poured our the remaining slip and recycled back to the slip tank. The slip must remain the mold for a time,varies consistent with the slip, and wet the mold is, and even the weather. After several hours the cup is dry enough to be remove mold.

ceramic mug

After the cup has dried, then we will cleaned cup with a knife and smoothed with a sponge. The mug is thoroughly dried then dipped during a clear glaze.

Now comes the decorating. We make each bit by hand painted with special pigments. Although the decorators strive to form each cup an equivalent, there are always variations as each bit is a private work of art.


Next, we load the mug in our gas-fired kiln. And mug need to be fired to about 2200 degrees Fahrenheit over an eight-hour period.


The next day after cooling,we will unloaded the kiln. At now, the colors will have brightened and altered and therefore the glaze are going to be glossy. The white porcelain type clay is now vitrified, which makes it hard and sturdy.


We will inspected mugs carefully,and discarded the cracked pieces.Then you can find mugs in our store.There are always variations since each bit is handmade throughout the process; this is often what makes each bit a singular work of functional art.


Here is a guide picture to show this process.

How to Make Ceramic Mug