Many people are confused about how to repotting plants,and most of them will be failure if they don’t make it in properly way. Repotting your plants sounds tricky to someone, but we have a few suggestions to make it a success.

How to Repotting Plants

Here is a notice.

Herbal flowers and plants generally survive in 3 to 7 days, while the smaller woody species take 7 days to 1 month, and the larger woody species in pots generally survive 1 to 3 months. General plants will appear after transplanting pots. Leaf wilting phenomenon. After survival, the leaves can stand upright and can send out new shoots. However, if the air humidity is too high, false living will occur. During a period of time after transplanting, pay close attention to the situation of the branches and leaves, and ensure the soil There is plenty of water, and at the same time, the plants can be exposed to strong sun.

First of all, Put your focus on size of pots and planters,and please choose a suitable size plant pot. try to keep the size no more than 2″ larger in diameter for your planters.If you repotting a very small plant, one inch of your new planter is enough.

Then,you should have following at your hand

Your new plant pot- you’re potting into.

Fresh potting mix

Lava rocks or sth like this

So it is better if your plant pot with a drainage hole.

Here is our suggestions on repotting plants.

  1. Remove plant from old pot

Turn your plant sideways, hold it gently by the stems or leaves, and tap rock bottom of its current pot until the plant slides out. you may need pull it out to help it,but pls be gentle.

  1. Loosen the roots

Loosen the plant’s roots with your hands,also pls be gentle. you’ll prune off any threadlike roots that are too long, just confirm to go away the thicker roots at the bottom of the foliage. If your plant is root bound – the roots are growing in very tight circles round the base of the plant – unbind the roots as best you’ll and provides them a trim.

  1. Remove old potting mix

Remove about one third or more of the potting mix surrounding the plant. because it grew, your plant removed a number of the nutrients within the current mix, so you’ll be wanting to offer it fresh mix if you’re potting it anyway!

How to Repotting Plants-pot
  1. Add new potting mix

Pour a layer of fresh potting soil into the new planter and pack it down, removing any air pockets. If your new planter doesn’t have a drainage hole, layer rock bottom with lava rocks or rocks, gravel, etc. before adding the potting mix. The goal is to make crevices for the additional water to pool into, far away from your plant’s roots.

  1. Add plant

Set your plant that you simply far away from the grow pot on top of the fresh layer of mix within the new planter, ensuring it’s centered, then add potting mix round the plant until it’s secure. make certain to not pack an excessive amount of soil into the planter, as you would like the roots to breathe.

  1. Water and luxuriate in

Clean up the potting soil on top and water well! Please be attention that a freshly repotted plant doesn’t get to be fed fertilizer.

Repotting Plants