You may have heard of a magic mug online that changes color when you fill it with hot water,but have you ever seen one which will magically show your own photo? When the cup cools down, it returns to its original color of your choice.


How does magic mug online works?

It is black exterior when empty or with cool water.The magic will appear when hot liquid is added.

Because it’s black appearance, this magic mug will be a best surprise gift for everyone with a color change.

Maybe you will have a question,does the picture show immediately?

Answer is not,it only takes 12-15 seconds, depending on the temperature.As you can see,it doesn’t take too much time.

magic mug-one piece blackmagic mug-one piece

Why choose our magic mugs,because:

  • It is made from high quality ceramic and is dishwasher safe
  • It has the magic and awe of black thermal coating
  • There are numerous design templates to choose from


What’s important is that our magic mug is safe for daily use. After high temperature fires in klin,drink water form a magic mug is completely safe.

In addition,no amount of usage or washing of the magic mug will harm it in any way.

Notice for washing:Magic mugs aren’t dishwasher safe, it is better to wash magic mug by hand.

Life always needs just a tad bit of magic in everything and we at Homey take it very seriously.

Do not hesitate to get magic mug with Homey Ceramic!