Q:What are the minimum quantities for wholesale custom?

A:1,000 units

Q:How long do custom ceramics take to produce?

A:Overall timing for custom service is 45-60 days after sample confirmed. We will provide a complete timeline on your quote.

Q:How is OEM&ODM service?

A:Provide us your drawing or sample, we can make mold for you. If you want to printing LOGO on products, send us your logo design.

Q:Will I see a sample first?

A:Once the design is confirmed, we will create your first sample for approval prior to production.

Q:Will production match my sample?

A:Yes, after your sample is approved, we schedule the bulk production of your molded mugs, from casting, to glazing, decorating and firing and quality control.

Q:How do you control the quality?

A:Before mass production, we will test the mold till its quality pass. In the production, QC will following your order during every step. Every product must be checked and signed before they move to the next process.

Q: Which is better stoneware or ceramic?

A:Another type of fired ceramic dinnerware, stoneware is a little more durable than earthenware because the clay is fired at a higher temperature and usually has vitreous material added to it for strength. … Most good-quality stoneware is very versatile to use and easy to maintain.

Q:Is ceramic cheaper than porcelain?

A:Despite its durability and versatility, porcelain has two major drawbacks: price and ease of cutting. On average, porcelain tile costs at least 60 percent more than its ceramic competitors.

Q: Are ceramic plates breakable?

A:Ceramic and porcelain are two materials that are strong and smooth, but breakable. They are often used in making tile, dishes, and figurines. … It is a type of ceramic, but its clay makes it denser and more durable.

Q: How do I choose a dinner plate?

A:1.Get the right size dishes for your cupboards, shelves, and dishwasher.

2.Look for open stock so you can customize to your needs.

3.White is classic, and bone China or porcelain will never let you down.

4.Buy enough pieces to host a big dinner party.

5.Buy one set for both every day and formal dining.

6.It’s worth it to spend money on great dishes.

Q: Can ceramic vases hold water?

A:We carry very few ceramic vases that are guaranteed waterproof. During the firing process that ceramic containers go through, the heat can cause microfractures in the glaze. The glaze is what would make the vase waterproof.

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