Many friends think that only spring is suitable for planting flowers and plants, because spring is the season of growth, so many people planted in spring. In fact, there is nothing wrong. It is true that spring is suitable for planting plants, but Autumnis also a good season for planting,because its weather is cool.

Basically, plants planted in autumn all have a common feature;tenacious vitality. Therefore, they usually choose plants like succulents, cactus plants, rubber trees, coconut trees, monophyllum and so on.

Here I will introduce the planting methods of the above plants and the matters you need to attention.

1. Succulent

The fleshy is very cute, there are many varieties, and the price is acceptable for most people, so people loved it. Basically, you can see fleshy figures in the flower market all year round. The most important thing to pay attention to when raising succulents in autumn is watering and lighting. Balconies and bedroom bay window are good choices for succulents,because they are not suitable for places exposed to direct sunlight. Watering should not be too frequent, especially as the weather gets colder, the growth of succulents will slow down. Too much water in the soil will cause roots to rot.

In autumn, I found that my own succulents are growing too well. Within half a month, they will take root in the wound and grow new succulents.

2. Monstera

Monstera is also very suitable for autumn planting, its vitality is tenacious. Planting in autumn requires attention to light, temperature and moisture. We recommended plant the monstera indoors, because the indoor temperature is relatively stable. It must be able to get the sun, like a balcony or under a bay window in a bedroom. There is no need to worry about watering, basically just once a week. And the more they grow in winter, the slower they grow, and the demand for water is not so great.

3.Coconut tree

Rich coconut trees are also very suitable for autumn and winter growth. Generally, coconut trees we bought on the market are already rich in nutrients in the soil, so the only thing we need to do is watered regularly. They grow slowly, so many flower lovers complain that their coconut trees don’t grow after they have been raised for several years.
In fact, they grow tall because of different varieties, and they don’t grow too much every year, so no need to change pots frequently

In addition to these plants, such as syringae, one-leaf orchid, and cacti are also very suitable for planting in autumn.


Here I will give you some plant pot suitable for succulent.

1.Mini marble palnt potMarble Plant Pot



2.Alpaca ceramic potsAlpaca Ceramic Pots for Plants

3.Mini ceramic potsMini Ceramic Pots for Artificial Plants