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Sturdiness,Easy to clean,Durability.


Accept customized,you can choose shape,color,size,etc.


  • This extra large utensil crock which can hold 10-15 kitchen utensils, allows you to free up drawer space.This utensil crock is large enough for larger and longer cooking utensils, keeping utensils handy and findable.Keep your items upright, tucked away, and clutter free, all held together in one convenient location and stop rummaging for utensils every time you cook.
  • Ceramic utensil crock is heavy than stainless steel cooking utensil holder, so it will prevent being knocked over while removing utensils. The bottom of each utensil crock is polished smoothly to avoid any damage to your kitchen counter.
  • The cooking utensil holder with different color and design will decorate your kitchen and create a farmhouse atmosphere. It is definitely a unique presence in your kitchen.
  • The kitchen utensil crock for countertop will suffice for many purposes. Can be used as ice buckets, vases or snack storage, all according to your imagination.
  • This kitchen utensils holder has multiple functions. Not just for storing kitchenware, also holding paint brushes, flowers, plant, and even used to freeze wine. It can save space for your home and kitchen.

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