What is Bone China?

Bone China is a type of porcelain that is composed of bone ash, feldspathic material, and kaolin. It is the strongest of the porcelain.

What you need to know is that Bone China is low-temperature porcelain, and the firing temperature is about 2102°F while Chinese white porcelain is over 2336°F.

Bone China is known for its elegant. When you put Bone China in your table, it will make your dinner very gentle. And many people use Bone China tableware in a formal occasion. And it is very common in European style coffee or tea set.


In the UK, references to “China” or “porcelain” can refer to bone China.

Here is a picture show their difference .

bone China vs white porcelain

The development of Bone China

Actually, Bone China is none of business of Chinese. In the first time, people called it Bone China is made by Thomas Frye. It is in East London in 1748. He use 45% bone ash in his formulation to create what he called “fine porcelain”.

Between 1789-1793, Josiah Spode in Stoke-on-Trent further developed the concept. And in 1790, they introducing his “Stoke China”. But he died suddenly the year later. And his son Josiah II quickly rechristened the ware “Bone China”. He development this porcelain, and then Bone China is highly popular with this effort.


The appearance of China made a qualitative leap within the grade of English ceramics. The industry leader is Royal Doulton, which features a history of nearly 200 years. it’s called “Royal” because it’s employed by British royalty, and therefore the porcelain features a crown thereon.


In the 1960s, Japanese made China, breaking the ecu monopoly for quite 200 years. In the late 1970s, Tangshan,China also produced bone porcelain. Lately China became the most important producer of China within the world. However, most of Chinese Bone Porcelain is exported.


What’s the difference between Chinese porcelain and Bone China?

The material of Chinese porcelain is kaolin, porcelain stone and lime, while Bone China is bone ashes, clay and quartz. The main chemical components of Chinese porcelain are alumina and silica, in addition to the same components, Bone China has calcium phosphate. Calcium phosphate comes from bone ashes and it will increase the transmittance of produced porcelain. Usually Bone China contains 30-45% animal bone ashes.

bone China White Prcelain

Why people like Bone China

Different with general porcelain, Bone Chine is very famous becase of its high levels of whiteness and translucency. Moreover, it looks very beautiful with its appearance. In additional, it is with high strength, can be made more thinner, hand feeling and visual effect will be better.