October is the month of Thanksgiving. A time to get together and celebrate your achievements in all areas of the garden – and start planning for next year! prepare the land for winter.

Fall may seem like the end of the gardening season, but if the Chelsea Flower Show in September taught us anything, it is that there is still so much to enjoy as we head into the new season.

The flowers will have faded by this time of year, there are plenty of new and stunning colors to enjoy.

If you maintain your garden regularly all year round, you are more likely to have a healthier and happier garden during the key spring and summer months and have less to worry about early next year.

plant pot in green

  • Much of the fall chores involve trimming, cleaning, and tidying up while some plants are hibernating.
  • The trends of autumn plants for the season.
  • Activities in the garden in October Clearing foliage, collect the fallen leaves and store them in linen bags for the leaf mold next year.
  • Watch out for weeds, especially on paved surfaces, driveways, patios, etc. and borders. An electric weed killer is a great tool for this job.
  • Check out my review of the electric weed burner.
  • Clean the greenhouse. of roads so that these areas are safely accessible in winter.
  • Remove drip irrigation systems and drain, clean and save for next use for the next year.
  • The hoses can also be emptied and stored and greenhouses kept for any repairs or maintenance needed to keep them watertight and safe during the winter months.
  • Trim hedges and shrubs to keep them neat, tidy, and healthy.
  • Don’t compost now, many of its nutrients could be washed away in winter.Use it in the spring before the growing season.
  • Clean the dahlia bulbs and keep them until spring or keep them in the ground and protect them abundantly from frost. like sunflowers and purple, for the birds.
  • Use shades of primrose and polyanthus to color vessels and planters.