Tea strain is an ellagitannin. A complex phenolic organism, it’s chemically unstable. It is a brownish red compound that is oxidized and polymerized when exposed to air. Difficult to dissolve in water. With the time flies, it will remain in the cups. What’s more, There is another matter, Is tea polyphenols and metal elements from tea. This is harmful to human health.

teacupHere I will introduce to you some common food which can remover tea strain.

  1. Baking soda. Pour a little on the spot you want to remove a stain and wipe it with a cloth. This is the cheapest, safest cleaning agent in the world.Try it. You can’t miss it.
  2. Potato skins. Adding potato skins to a teapot or teacup, then pouring boiling water, cooling and rinsing.potato
  3. Put a little salt in the cup, or put a little toothpaste in the cup. Salt and toothpaste are very effective in removing cup stains.
  4. Using vinegar soak
  5. With squeezed lemon peel juice, and some warm water into a vessel, 4 ~ 5 hours later, stain can be removed easily. For a coffee pot, wrap a lemon slice with a cloth and place it on top of the pot and fill with water. Boil the lemon as if it were coffee, and let it drop into the pot. Dirty water will comes out of the pot.
  6. Dried tangerine or orange peel. Add orange peel with boiled water. The cup will clean on the other day.
  7. Carbonated drinks. Use carbonated drinks wash teacups.
  8. Eggshell. Crush the eggshells and place them in tea pot, then pour in half a cup of vinegar, shake slowly and rinse with a brusheggshell
  9. Vitamin C. It’s easy to remove dirt by using vitamin C with a cup of warm water.