As usual,we called them ceramic dinnerware,but there are three types we sold in our shop.Stoneware,Bone China and Porcelain.Here are some difference with these three types.

Stoneware is popular for its rustic and textured aesthetic. It’s often off-white and ivory with speckles rather than pure or bright white.It is a type of fired ceramic.Stoneware is slightly heavier and thicker than bone China and porcelain.Is a great option for daily use if you don’t mind the extra care required.

stoneware plate

Porcelain is still very durable but has a slightly heavier than Bone China. Porcelain dinner set is break-resistant and can be conveniently washed in dishwashers and heated in microwaves. With the advantage of price, durability, and weight, it is great for both daily use and formal dinner parties.

porcelain dinnerware

Bone China is both strong and elegant.Bone China dinner set looks delicate and it is attractive with its semi-translucent white appearance.Bone China is actually one of the most durable of dinner set.But it is the most expensive among three types.

bone China coffee set

Price:Bone China >Porcelain>Stoneware

Advantages of Ceramic Dinner Set

  1. Easy to wash and keep clean.
  1. Good thermal stability and slow heat transfer.
  1. Stable chemical properties and durable.
  1. Porcelain has very few pores and low water absorption.
  1. Less costly than Bone China,it is great for both daily use and formal dinner parties.