Ceramic features a long history all over the world, and ceramic tableware is very closed with our daily life. It’s novel shapes, sort of colors, is straightforward to wash and lots of other advantages have gotten people’s affirmation. Generally speaking, young people pay less attention to the matter of tableware. As usual, buying ceramic tableware is housewives and middle-aged women. They often attend to go roadside stalls. They’re going to generally specialize in their favorite flower decal and cheap price and ignore the standard of tableware and excessive heavy metals. The foremost important thing for them is their appearance.


Today, we’ll share with you about what tableware is more suitable to use in lifestyle, without problem of exceed standard of lead cadmium and other heavy metals. Under glaze color tableware may be a good selection. Our famous blue and white porcelain is under glaze color tableware. So, what are the benefits of under glaze color tableware:

underglaze tableware underglaze plate

Nine advantages for under glaze color decal

1.Under glaze color is one among the high-temperature ceramic, firing temperature up to 2192~ 2553°F. Heat firing can make the strength better. Under glaze color tableware often hold some food with higher temperature, sometimes also hold some frozen foods, the rapid change in temperature won’t make ceramics burst, which is better than glass products. Because it conducts heat slowly, it doesn’t feel too hot to select up in hands.


2.One-time fired molding, the probability of deformation is going to be lower.


3.The glazed surface is bright and transparent, feel smooth, tough to fade and straightforward to wash. Many stains are often washed off with water.


4.The porcelain is durable, immune to cold and heat, suitable for microwave, refrigerator and other household appliances.


5.Environmental hygiene, freed from heavy metals like lead and cadmium. With few pores, just sealed with a lid after storage, it can well prevent moisture from evaporating and reduce the damage brought by external bacteria.


6.After firing, the flower pattern is totally covered under the insulating glaze, which is smooth and can be safe and sturdy.


7.Anti acid and alkali effect is sweet. It’s tough to supply reaction with the held food or water. This advantage isn’t contained for the opposite metal tableware like chrome steel, iron, etc. Additionally , it’s immune to corrosion and can not rust.


8.The design is fresh, the standard is high, the worth is moderate. Blue and white porcelain, pastel porcelain and other porcelain contains differing types of flower decal, they’re beautiful and increase appetite greatly, thus it’s very fashionable in current world.


9.You can choose any decal you like. There are many styles for your choose, Nordic style, Western style, Chinese style, Japanese style, etc. Whatever you want, you can find it.


Of course, nothing is ideal. There are advantages and even have some disadvantages, like children are scared of being cut because ceramic is usually fragile products. Moreover, it can’t be used directly as a cooker.