Customized ceramic items offer a wide range of possibilities for personalization. Here are some common options:



Customers can choose or provide their design to be painted or printed onto the ceramic item. Include anything from simple patterns to intricate artwork or personalized messages.

Choose your customization method to finish your design:

Following picture will show all effects


Glaze: Glaze is a glassy coating on ceramics before it is fired in a kiln. It is a decorative and functional concept, to enhance the look of the ceramic piece while providing a protective layer to seal the surface against water penetration.


Hand-Painting: Our factory has many skilled worker,can paint onto the ceramic item. This method allows for intricate details and unique touches.


Decals or Transfers: Decals or transfers are pre-printed designs that can be applied to ceramic items.We will create decal according to your design,and put the decal onto the ceramic items.


Terrazzo:Creating a terrazzo effect on ceramics adds texture and interest to your ceramic Items. Traditionally, terrazzo is made from marble or stone chips set in cement or resin. You can mimic this look on ceramics using different techniques.


Reactive Glaze:Reactive glaze is a type of ceramic glaze that creates unique and unpredictable effects when fired. Unlike traditional glazes, which give uniform colors or patterns, reactive glazes have minerals or compounds that react with heat and other elements in the glaze. This reaction results in varied colors, textures, and depth.


Screen Printed:Screen printing is a popular way to add custom designs, logos, or artwork to ceramics. This technique allows for detailed and precise printing, creating durable and vibrant designs that can handle everyday use. You can add personalized text like names, dates, or meaningful quotes to ceramic items.


Electroplate:Electroplating involves adding a thin layer of metal onto the surface of ceramics. This process gives ceramics a metallic finish, making them look more attractive and durable. Common colors for electroplating are gold and silver.


Debossed:Debossing presses a design or pattern into the surface of ceramics, creating a 3D impression that is set below the surrounding surface. This technique adds texture and visual interest, making ceramic pieces more appealing and unique to touch.


Embossed:Embossing raises a design or pattern above the surface of ceramics, creating a three-dimensional effect. This technique is often used to decorate ceramic and porcelain items with intricate details, decorative motifs, or branding elements. It adds texture and visual interest to the pieces.


These techniques can make your ceramic items stand out, giving them unique textures, finishes, and personalized touches.

Shape and Size

Depending on the manufacturer or artisan, customers may have the option to customize the shape and size of the ceramic item. You could creating a completely unique shape or altering existing designs.



Customers may have the option to choose from different finishes for their ceramic items, such as glossy, matte, or textured finishes.



Depending on the intended use of the ceramic item, customization options may include adding features like handles, lids, or drainage holes for plant pots.



Customized packaging options, such as gift wrapping or personalized labels, can add an extra touch to ceramic items for special occasions or gifts.


Overall, the possibilities for customization are vast, allowing customers to create unique ceramic items that suit their individual style and preferences.

Homey Ceramic Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of  ceramic products. We can produce new products in the form of porcelain, stoneware and dolomite. The products developed include tableware, vases, vases, cookie jars, coffee& tea sets,etc…with advantageous prices and rapid cargo services.


How do You Customize Coffee Mugs with Homey Ceramic, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Tell us what shape/item you want to make
  2. Let us know what effect you want to have
  3. Send us your artwork or picture
  4. Sample request
  5. Making sample
  6. Place your order after sample approval
  7. Manufacturing and delivery