Hydrangeas in the Garden


In May, the start of summer, there is a garden in Shishan Village, Xunzhong Town, Dehua County. Next to a clear stream, this garden has a green hillside filled with hydrangeas.

Hydrangeas (1)

Hydrangeas bloom in clusters. They come in blue, white, pink, and purple. The colors are bright and varied, creating a dreamy summer scene in the beautiful village. The hydrangeas sway gently in the early summer breeze.


You should enjoy these flowers by the stream. Nearby, you see flowers. In the distance, you see mountains and water. When the breeze comes, the water sparkles and everything feels lively.

Hydrangeas (2) Hydrangeas (3)

The Beauty of Hydrangeas


The path to see the flowers winds through the sea of blooms. You will see elegant blue, noble purple, pure white, cute pink, romantic red, and bright yellow.


Pink is sweet, blue is simple; purple is mysterious, white is pure. The hydrangeas sway like girls dancing in the breeze, their skirts fluttering, looking especially beautiful.


Different colors of hydrangeas make a beautiful flower belt, showing their charming smiles.

Hydrangeas (4) Hydrangeas (5)

A Closer Look at Hydrangeas


From afar, the flowers are diverse and colorful. Up close, they are large and bright, clustered together. Look closely, and you see they are lively and vibrant.


In many places, you can squat down among the flowers and be completely surrounded, leaving no space at all. There is no better place for beautiful photos.


The Meaning of Hydrangeas


The flower language of hydrangeas is “reunion and happiness.” I think this path of hydrangeas symbolizes “a bright future and dreams come true.”


Many poets have written about hydrangeas. For example, in the Ming Dynasty, Xie Zhen wrote, “High branches heavy with rain press the carved railings, one stem with a thousand flowers like white jade clusters.” Shen Shouzheng wrote, “In the past, I watched snow at the Kuai Pavilion, today I see flowers blooming like snow.” Song Dynasty’s Fang Hui said, “Each plucked a branch and entered the deep courtyard, happy sounds winning the return of hydrangeas.” Tang Dynasty’s Yuan Zhen wrote, “Children run wildly, playing, the hydrangeas fill the front hall.”

Hydrangeas (6)

A Peaceful Village


Here, there are mountains, water, and homes. There are flowers, grass, and poetic scenes. Walking through the sea of flowers is leisurely and pleasant. You can sit and watch the clouds, listen to insects and birds.


Do the colorful hydrangeas touch your heart? In the warm early summer breeze, let’s go to Shishan Village in Dehua, the world’s porcelain capital, and enjoy this lazy, fragrant time.

Hydrangeas (7)

Standing in the sea of flowers by the stream, at this moment, the mountains and water sing, the flowers and birds are happy. You blend into the most romantic summer day. You are the scenery, and the scenery is you!


If have time to visit Dehua ceramic factory in May,you can take a look for this beautiful flowers!