What is tableware?

Tableware also referred to as dinnerware or crockery are the dishes or dishware used to set a table, serve and display food. Including cutlery, glassware, serving dishes and other useful items for practical also as decorative purposes. Tableware is employed to line a table for eating a meal or for serving food. It is often made from glass, ceramic, earthenware, stoneware or porcelain.


The nature of tableware varies from religion, culture and cuisine. It is often categorized into four types – serveware, dinnerware, silverware and drinkware or glassware. Whether it’s for daily use or an enormous party, there’s always tableware out there to suit every occasion.

Following table will tell you what are they including


CategoryWhat it includingusesNotes
Servewareserving bowls, platters, salad bowls, dessert bowls, casseroles, soup pots, tea pots and any other dishes.Serveware is used for serving. They are used to bring and present food into the table.Utensils such as serving spoons, ladles, pair of tongs and pitches are also classified under this category.
DinnerwareConsists of an array of dishes that ranges from the basic plate and bowl to more specialized dinnerware with unique shapes, colors and sizes for specific purposes.Used to serve individual portions during a meal.It is usually made with materials such as melamine, porcelain, glass, stoneware or earthenware.
Silverware Is comprised of cutlery such as spoons, forks and knives.Silverware is used for serving food.Silverware also known as flatware.
Drinkwaremugs, cups and glasses.Drinkware is used to describe any item that can be drunk from.Drinkware comes in different shapes and sizes, the specific glass is usually chosen depending on the beverage or theme of the occasion.

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Introduction of different types tableware

  1. Quarter plate: 15cm in diameter. Used to keep bread, cheese. It is also known as B&B Plate (bread & butter, underplate, side Plate
  2. Half Plate: 20 cm in diameter. Used to serve starters, pasta, dessert, fish etc. It is also known as a dessert plate, fish plate
  3. Full Plate: 25cm in diameter Used to serve the main course. It is also known as a dinner plate, joint plate, meat plate.

Soup bowl:Around 250ml. Used to serve soup, breakfast cereals

  1. Soup cup: About 250ml. Used to serve thin soup. It is also known as consommé cup and has two handles.

Soup Plate: 20 cm in diameter. Used to serve both thick & thin soup. It’s not in use nowadays.

  1. Breakfast cup: From 240 to 300 ml (8-10oz). Used to serve all Tea & coffee during breakfast .
  2. Tea Cup: 200 ml (6^2/3 oz). Used to serve tea during the day.
  3. Coffee cup: 97-100 ml. Used to serve coffee after lunch or dinner. It is also known as demi-tasse.
  4. Dessert plate: 18 cm in diameter, used for the service of desserts.
  1. Cereal Bowl 13 cm in diameter, used for the service of cereals (cornflakes, wheat flakes, choco flakes, etc), puddings, compotes.
  2. Cheese plate: 16 cm in diameter, used for the service of cheese and biscuits.

13 . Salad cresent.

  1. Egg cup: used for serving and holding boiled eggs within their shell.
  2. Ashtray: is a receptacle for ash from cigarettes and cigars.
  3. Creamer: a small pitcher or jug designed for holding cream or milk.
  4. Coffee/teapot: is a vessel used for steeping tea leaves or an herbal mix in boiling or near-boiling water, and for serving the resulting infusion which is called tea.
  5. Milk jug: Used for contains milk

crockery dinnerware


How to choose a tableware

Plates should have complete and even glaze.

Pattern or design should be underglaze.

Suitable for multiple purposes, for example, using bowls for soups and breakfast cereals, half-plate for the appetizer, fish, vegetables, savoury, and sweet.


Ease of maintenance

Cost and funds available

Stackable up to 30 plates or saucers in one pile

Suitable for machine washing

Plates should have rolled edge to resist chipping

Choose a Lightweight tableware

Suitable for microwave application

Resistant to high temperatures of 85 °C

last but not least:Choose a design you like best.


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