The epidemic is not over, don’t be careless about prevention and control!

Recently, the spread of epidemics have occurred in many Urumqi, Xinjiang, and Dalian, Liaoning. And the Dalian epidemic has spread to Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Fujian, and Beijing.Including Tieling, Anshan, Siping, Changchun, Baicheng, Hegang, Suihua.

The pathogenic mechanism of the COVID-19 is complex, it is highly contagious, spreads quickly.

The epidemics in Xinjiang and Dalian have sounded the alarm for us. The epidemics are still complicated and severe. We must tighten epidemic prevention and control to normalize this. We need to always maintain a sense of prevention. Remind the general residents: Our county is in a low-risk area currently. But low-risk does not mean zero risk, it doesn’t mean the end of the epidemic. To prevent and control COVID-19  in a normal way, we must keep the following points in mind.

  1. Pay attention to the epidemic situation.Please do not going to medium and high-risk areas in China if not necessary. If you really need to go, please report to your village in advance and take personal protection; after come back you should cooperate with the relevant prevention and control measures. Please remind and supervise each other. If the above-mentioned persons are found, they must take the initiative to report to their village.
  1. Do personal protection. Please keep personal protection awareness all the time, pay attention to personal hygiene, wear masks scientifically, wash your hands frequently, do not go to crowded places, maintain “one-meter-line” social interactions, and keep good hygiene habits. Our county has uniformly used the “Bamin Health Code”. Please download the Minzhengtong APP in advance to apply for it and present it at relevant places.
  1. Advocate a healthy lifestyle. Please maintain good eating habits, advocate serving chopsticks and spoons and eating separately; reduce multi-person gatherings, and shorten the meal time as much as possible; try to sit in the same direction when dining, we don’t recommended to sitting face to face, Please keep a proper distance. When shopping, choose safe and reliable raw materials, do not touch fish, seafood, and raw meat directly. Cook the food thoroughly , don’t eating cold food, wild animals.
  1. Cooperate with the prevention and control of public places. When going to supermarkets, religious sites, tourist attractions, parks, theaters,  and public places, please cooperate with workers,scanning codes, measuring body temperature, and wearing masks. Wear a mask in public place.
  1. Pay attention to your physical condition. If you have symptoms such as fever and cough, you should wear masks scientifically and go to the fever clinics. Try to avoid public transportation during medical treatment, and inform your recent travel history to workers.